In our other business, Digital Prosperity, we’ve helped entrepreneurs to get started with an online business around their passion since 2008.

After we hit our first six figure month, we decided to hire an advertising agency to scale our growth.

Little did we know that the advertising agency wasn’t as good as they made themselves out to be, and ended up losing us a tidy 5 figure sum in a negative ROI, while taking the same amount for themselves in agency fees.

That’s when we decided to learn everything we could about Facebook Ads and run our own ads.

A few months later we were seeing a 12X ROI from our own campaigns. Naturally our clients started asking if we could help them with their campaigns too, so we started helping our clients too.

Then after getting ROIs ranging from 2X all the way up to 20X for our clients, we decided we might be onto something here. That’s when we founded Advantis.

We’re looking forward to helping you too!