How We Helped Belinda Skyrocket Her Business’s Revenue

“Over the last 17 months I have made sales revenue totalling $452,000. This week alone, I’ve sold $8k in course sales and I have just launched my high-ticket product priced at $25k. Finding James was paramount to launching my course successfully and I am thankful that I came across his advertisement and chose to work with him, otherwise I believe that I never would have been able to put it together. I am so excited about the future knowing that $1 million in sales is now far away. Thank you James.”

Belinda S

We worked with Belinda in our consulting service. We helped her to arrange her ideas into a product line and online marketing plan that her prospects would find compelling.

When she put our plan into action, she saw a gradual increase in revenue while she was optimizing the elements within her sales funnel, then a sharp increase once she was able to scale comfortably.

The end result was $452,000 in revenue over 17 months from scratch.

Since then, Belinda has continued to see five figure months with the same product line, web pages and marketing plan we developed together.

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