How We Helped Michelle Kretzschmar Get A 3X Return On Ad Spend

Results Breakdown:

$2.75 Average Cost Per Webinar Registrant

$59.14 Average Cost Per Sale ($197 Product)

12.62% CTR
10/10 Relevance Score

Michelle’s online business focuses on helping parents pay for their child’s college education through merit aid and scholarships.

When she asked for our help, she was struggling to get her message out there in a way that was true to her values yet also profitable enough to scale.

We worked with Michelle to create a webinar which would educate the prospect while pre-selling her online program, then later selling her program at the end. In addition to this, we also created a dynamic follow-up sequence based on the prospect’s behavior in the funnel so far.

When her funnel was finished, we then set up her conversion tracking and created her entire Facebook Ads campaign from scratch.

After a month of optimizing her ads and whole sales funnel, we were able to drop her cost per webinar registrant down to an amazing $2.75 (around $4-$5 lower than the industry average), and cost per sale down to a shocking $59.14… for a $197 product!

Michelle is now in the process of scaling her business with us to help more parents around the world.

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