James Francis
Founder & CEO, Marketing & Advertising Nerd

James started his journey of successful online advertising when he started his own business for beginner entrepreneurs, Digital Prosperity, back in 2008.

He joined the Facebook Advertising platform when it was in its infancy in 2010. Since then the platform has evolved significantly, and so has his knowledge.

After working with over 280 coaching clients and running ads for 20+ different companies in 18 different industries within Digital Prosperity, he decided to create a separate venture dedicated to Facebook Advertising. That’s when Advantis was born.

Leigh Reddall
Client Relationship Manager & Sales Funnel Expert

Leigh and James have been friends since high school, so it was only fate that they would work together on a venture they both found interesting.

Leigh has built sales funnels responsible for over seven figures in sales within¬†Digital Prosperity, along with being an expert client relationship manager too. We’re truly thrilled for him to be bringing his expertise and compassion for helping people into Advantis.